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If you've been accused of a crime in Cobb County, you could face a number of severe penalties upon conviction. In fact, just being accused of a crime can drastically impact your life. You may spend a couple nights in jail, have your license revoked, or face social stigma. The first thing you should do after being arrested is to call a skilled criminal attorney.

With my extensive experience on both sides of the criminal justice system, I know exactly what it takes to undermine the prosecution’s case against you. When the prosecution sees that you have competent and aggressive representation, they may be more willing to reduce or drop the charges against you. I firmly believe that my clients deserve quality representation no matter their station in life, which is why I offer affordable payment plans to help accommodate virtually every budget.

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Only the best of the best in each state can make The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100, which selects civil plaintiff and criminal defense trial attorneys only after significant vetting, peer reviews, and the research of third parties.

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) is a professional bar that pools the insights of members and provides services to legal professionals to ensure that justice is secured for every person who stands accused of a crime.

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    My legal career has spanned over 1,000 cases and more than 300 trials. I know what it takes to win in court. As a former prosecutor, I bring matchless insights to your defense. When you are battling for your rights and freedom in the criminal justice system, I can provide the experienced, tenacious advocacy you need. Don’t hesitate to discover what else sets my Cobb County criminal defense firm apart.

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Former Prosecutor

Having formerly served as an Assistant District Attorney in Collin County, Texas, I have handled virtually every single type of criminal case, including felony DWI cases and serious drug possession charges. As a prosecutor, I honed my litigation skills and gained an in-depth understanding of criminal law. I argued before more than 150 juries in trial and handled more than 100 court trials.

What does this experience mean as a Cobb County criminal attorney? It means that I know from first-hand experience how the other side works: I can anticipate and counter the prosecution’s arguments to create the strongest possible defense. When you hire a former prosecutor as your defender, you are getting invaluable insights and trial experience on your side.

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