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Were you arrested on suspicion of drug DUI after a field sobriety test? An arrest for DUI is far from a conviction: you have a right to a defense and you need to take advantage of the opportunity provided you by the Constitution. Retain a reliable Cobb County DUI defense lawyer when your future is on the line.

The Sylvan Firm, LLC exists to protect those charged with criminal wrongdoing and has handled more than 300 trials over the last 10+ years. I know how the criminal process works and how to undermine the prosecution to get your charges dropped or reduced. You can trust my firm to see your case through from beginning to end, providing you with seasoned legal counsel at every step.

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Drug DUI Charges & Your Rights

Driving under the influence of drugs is prosecuted just as strictly as drunk driving. While there is no blood-alcohol equivalent for drug DUI, officers are given broad discretion to evaluate a person’s driving.

Law enforcement must rely more on field sobriety tests which include:

  • The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test
  • Walk and Turn
  • One leg stand

Officers will be closely examining a driver’s mannerisms and performance while taking one of these tests. All observations may be entered into the state’s case against you. No matter what the details of your case are, as a highly-trained and qualified Cobb County criminal lawyer, I can step in and argue on your behalf for the best outcome possible. Field sobriety tests are inherently subjective and are not indicative of being under the influence of any substance.

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Law enforcement must administer such tests a certain way, and if they fail to do so, your “poor” results could be inadmissible and thrown out of court. Likewise, there could be other reasons for how you performed on your tests such as uneven pavement or a pre-existing eye condition.

I am a skilled Cobb County DUI attorney and am very familiar with the state’s drug statutes which means I understand how to beat a wide range of criminal matters, including DUI charges. Don’t let just any attorney handle your defense—let me argue fiercely for a positive outcome.

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