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If you have been arrested, or believe you are under investigation for a drug crime, contact The Sylvan Firm, LLC immediately. At my firm, you can find consistently effective legal representation for even the most difficult of circumstances. As your Cobb County drug defense attorney, my job is to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive fair treatment under the law.

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I won't let cost get in the way of ensuring you get the defense you are entitled to; I can work with you to set up an affordable payment plan so you don't have financial concerns on top of your legal ones. I am a seasoned trial advocate who has represented clients in over 300 trials. Work with me to receive dedicated counsel from beginning to end.

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Law enforcement authorities in Georgia take drug crimes very seriously. Sentencing for these charges can range anywhere from light misdemeanors to heavy penalties, which may result in costly fines, lengthy jail time, and a permanent criminal record. With my help, we can build a strong case together that can either drastically reduce your charges or even dismiss them altogether.

Have a drug crimes lawyer on your side for all drug-related convictions, including:

Misdemeanor Vs. Felony Charges

The severity of your charges will determine whether your case will be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony. Specifically, charges are determined by the type of drug that your case involves.

Felony cases often are determined by a combination of:

  • The type of drug in your possession
  • The amount of that drug you have in your possession
  • The circumstances in which you are accused

For example, distribution on school grounds often leads to a felony charge, rather than a misdemeanor. Heroin convictions are often weightier than marijuana.

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The only way to ensure that your case is adequately represented in Gwinnett County and Cobb County is to seek the legal counsel of a skilled Cobb County criminal defense lawyer. The Sylvan Firm, LLC has over a decade of experience as a defense attorney and many more as a former prosecutor. I am ready to give you the best possible chance at the best possible outcome.

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