Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs

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In Georgia, you can be charged with DUI if you are caught driving while under the influence of substances other than alcohol. If you have been arrested and charged with DUI with drugs, you could face serious life-altering charges. Whether you were arrested for DUI while under the influence of prescription drugs or illegal drugs, working with a Cobb County criminal defense attorney with the skills and experience to handle your case is imperative to your success and future.

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Understanding DUI Drug Charges

Measuring impairment for a suspect driving under the influence of alcohol is much easier. Police use breath and blood tests to determine your blood alcohol content levels (BAC). Currently, all 50 states have a standardized measurement of what is considered over the legal limit for BAC. Police can use a simple breath or blood tests to determine your intoxication levels and bring charges against you based on the results.

This is not true for driving while under the influence of drugs. Police have to use their instincts, common sense, and detective work to determine whether or not a suspect is driving impaired. This can lead false arrests and wrongful charges. Some police departments employ officers who are specially trained in drug recognition to recognize when a driver is driving drugged.

These officers look for the following three things:

  1. Can the suspect operate the vehicle safely?
  2. Are they impaired due to an injury, illness, or medical issue?
  3. If they are impaired, which type of drug are they impaired by?

Georgia & Drugged Driving “Per Se” Laws

As mentioned above, there is no legally standardized metric for measuring if a driver is too impaired by drugs to drive. This can be problematic when making DUI arrests because certain drugs such as marijuana can stay in your system for up to four weeks after initial use. Drugs like cocaine stay in your system for up to 48 hours after ingestion. Both these periods are longer than the effects of these drugs. Currently, Georgia follows “per se” laws concerning DUI arrests with the drugs. These laws state that it is illegal to be driving with any detectable amount of illegal substances in your system, which means you could be charged with DUI even if you were in no way impaired at the time of your arrest.

Were You Arrested for DUI?

Charges for DUI while under the influence of drugs can be more complicated than drunk driving charges. If you have been arrested for DUI with drugs, retaining the legal counsel of a Cobb County drug crime lawyer is paramount to the success of your case. Work with an attorney who can employ unique and effective legal strategies in your case.

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