Drug Trafficking Charges in Cobb County

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Drug trafficking is considered a felony in Georgia. If you are found with a considerable amount of drugs on your person could you be charged with drug trafficking if the police believe you intend to sell them. When you face serious, life-altering charges, you need to take action immediately. A Cobb County drug crime lawyer could help get your charges reduced or even dismissed. At The Sylvan Firm, LLC, an experienced Cobb County drug crime attorney can partner with you to examine your case and provide you with the best options available to you.

Federal & State Drug Trafficking Charges

When you face a drug trafficking charge, the prosecution will examine both federal and state trafficking laws. You could be accused of drug trafficking if you are found manufacturing, transporting, selling or distributing a controlled substance. However, even if you did not manufacture, sell or transport the drugs, you may face a drug trafficking charge. Drug trafficking charges boil down to the amount of drugs and proven intent. If you are found with an amount of drugs in your possession that is above the legally defined personal use limit, you could be convicted of drug trafficking. It is also important to note that your drug trafficking charges encompass the trafficking of both legal and illegal drugs.

Intentional Possession – In order to convict you of a drug trafficking crime, the prosecution first must prove the possession was intentional. Meaning, you had to have knowingly possessed the drugs. For example, you rented out an apartment while on vacation, and while you were staying in the apartment, police showed up with a warrant to search the apartment and found drugs hidden in the broiler and tried to pin them on you. A skilled Cobb County criminal defense attorney could argue that you were not aware of the drugs in the home and therefore, did not intentionally possess them.

Quantity –If you are found in possession of an illegal substance, how much you have in your possession can determine the charge. An individual found with over 500 grams of cocaine, or a warehouse full of marijuana plants is certainly not in possession of that amount for personal use.

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Drug trafficking crimes are one of the most serious charges you can face. Most drug crimes come with steep penalties and mandatory sentences that can alter the course of your life. When you're facing serious charges, you need a seriously skilled Cobb County drug crime attorney. I have represented thousands of clients with their criminal charges. My experience as a former prosecutor gives me a distinctive understanding of the common methods and tactics the prosecution will use during your case. At Sylvan Firm, LLC we believe there are two sides to every story.

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