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In the eyes of the law, possession of illegal drugs is considered a serious offense; as such, most drug crimes are punished harshly. In Georgia, possession of only a gram of marijuana can entail a host of unfavorable consequences, which might include a fine of up to $1,000, 12 months of imprisonment, and a criminal record. While many of these consequences can be overcome, what is perhaps the most detrimental result of all is the fact that a conviction can tarnish your reputation.

With so much at stake, it is crucial that you hire an experienced Cobb County drug crime attorney from The Sylvan Firm, LLC! Having an attorney who is a former prosecutor and knows the ins and outs of the laws may be your best bet at overcoming the obstacles ahead.

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How Georgia Classifies Drug Categories

In Georgia, each type of drug is classified under different types of categories, called “Schedules.” For example, Schedule I drugs are thought to be the most highly addictive types of substances and have little to no medicinal value. At the other end of the spectrum, Schedule V drugs are usually drugs or medications that doctors have prescribed to patients.

When used illegally or not as intended, this can be punishable under the law. Drug possession penalties can depend on many factors, such as the schedule, the amount in possession, and whether or not you have had other offenses on record.

Here is an outline of the possible penalties one could face for a first offense:

  • Schedule I & II: felony-level, 2-15 years’ imprisonment, and fines
  • Schedule III, IV, and V: felony-level, 1-5 years’ imprisonment, and fines

These are the penalties for second or multiple offenses:

  • Schedule I & II: felony-level, 5-30 years’ imprisonment and fines
  • Schedule III, IV, & V: felony-level, 1-10 years’ imprisonment, and fines
  • Marijuana (one ounce or more): misdemeanor-level, 1-year imprisonment, $1, 000 fine

There are many possible defenses to drug possession charges. For instance, what is so tricky about these charges is that officers can still arrest you even if no actual drugs were physically found on you. They could charge you if drugs were found in your vehicle, your home, or another item that you own.

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