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What You Should Do After an Arrest

The Do’s and Don’ts Explained by a Cobb County Criminal Attorney

Any type of criminal arrest can have long-lasting implications. Following a criminal arrest, you may be overwhelmed, scared, or unsure of the upcoming legal process. With the right legal support and guidance, however, you can be informed of your rights so that the future seems less daunting.

As a skilled Cobb County criminal defense lawyer, I strongly believe that my clients deserve to be informed of their rights and options every step of the way. My clients deserve to have the law explained to them in a way that is comprehensible. Most importantly, my clients deserve to be represented by a legal professional who knows the law and can convey the concepts of the justice system accurately.

Below, I have included a guide that briefly outlines various “Do’s” and “Don’ts” following an arrest. Read more to learn more about your rights!

You Do Have Rights After an Arrest

Under the protection of the law, you have rights, and this is perhaps the single most important thing to remember immediately following an arrest. Commonly known as your “Miranda Rights,” these rights are given to you and are backed by the U.S. Constitution.

These rights include the following:

  • You have the right to remain silent
  • You have the right to retain a legal counselor

In order to prevent self-incrimination, you have the right to remain silent – so use it! It can be very difficult to assert your rights when under custody, especially when you are scared or frightened. Simply telling police officers that you are asserting your Fifth Amendment right to stay silent will be enough. Police officers will be required to stop any further questioning and must wait until your attorney arrives.

Do Not Try to Resist Arrest

In heated moments, it can be very easy to act out of emotion. You may feel as though you are not guilty, but resisting arrest could be one of the worst things you can do during an arrest. Resisting arrest is not only a criminal offense, but it could also give police officers and prosecutors a reason to assign more blame to you. Do not jeopardize your case due to a snap decision! Once again, to avoid self-incrimination or incrimination of others, it is better to follow police orders, stay silent, and ask for your lawyer.

You Do Have to Go Through the Criminal Process

After an arrest, you should expect to go through the criminal booking process. Generally speaking, the booking process may include various administrative and legal steps that will record your personal information and will be stored for legal purposes.

Steps following an arrest could include:

  • Recording of your fingerprints
  • Photographing (mug shot)
  • Being taken to the holding cell
  • Being taken before a judge or magistrate
  • Issuing of bail or bond
  • Arraignment hearing

Do Not Try to Go Through the Process Alone

If you have been arrested, do not try to endure this legal procedure on your own. Without the help of a Cobb County criminal defense lawyer who understands the nuances and complexities of the legal system, you could be toying with your future. I have successfully helped hundreds of clients through the trial process throughout the state of Georgia and I am confident in my ability to help you, too.

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